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Roanoke Tree Care offers residential and commercial tree services for Roanoke and the surrounding areas. Due to our extensive experience in the tree removal industry, we recognize that other companies are vying for your business. It is our unwavering commitment to quality and professionalism that sets us apart from the rest of our competitors. Not only are our specialists readily available to assess your property, we are enthusiastic about determining the best possible course of action. We are proud of our work and want you to rest easy knowing that your property is in the hands of experienced arborists. Roanoke Tree Care is here to serve the community by offering quality tree solutions with integrity. We are the best and most affordable tree services in Roanoke for you.

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photo shows large tree and branches


What makes Roanoke Tree Care the best choice for you?


#1 We’re affordable. We guarantee quality work for a fair price, with 100% customer satisfaction with our service because you work hard for your money. We are grateful for our customers and appreciate they allow us to do the work that we enjoy. It is important to us to give you the best price possible.


#2 Safety is our #1 priority. All of our equipment is properly maintained and our staff is well trained in safety practices and protocols. In order to avoid the potential hazards inherent with tree handling, we maintain the highest standards to keep us and our customers safe.


#3 We are a full service business. Our team of experienced arborists are capable of performing a wide variety of jobs from removing large trees to clearing unwanted branches from your property. From the moment we arrive, our team will handle every last detail of the job. When we pack up and leave, we will make sure to leave everything clean and tidy. We will always put in our best effort to leave your property better than we found it. That’s a guarantee.


#4 We are locally owned and operated. We are proud to provide service to the most important people to us – the great folks of Roanoke and the surrounding area. The beauty and charm of the area is elevated by the strength and splendor of our trees around us. It is important to preserve our trees and maintain our properties to realize the full potential of our surroundings. We are proud of our role in helping create and maintain the beautiful environment the people of Roanoke are lucky to call home. Roanoke Tree Care thanks you for supporting a local business!


#5 We are enthusiastic about helping our customers. Nothing makes us happier than helping our customers solve lawn issues and obstacles. Give us a call anytime if you have a question about your tree service needs. Not sure if a tree needs to be cut down? Roanoke Tree Service is here to help you make the best decision for your property. No question is too complicated for our experienced team.


Please contact Roanoke Tree Care for all your tree service needs. Whether you need tree trimming or removal, stump removal, wood chipping, or branch clearing, let us help you make your landscape dreams a reality. Our service is sure to be a worry free experience from start to finish.


Tree Removal

Have an unwanted tree? Removals are performed to rid property of dead trees that can become hazardous. Dead trees are not strong enough to withstand a storm or other outside forces. The fall of a dead tree or even a branch can cause extensive damage to nearby homes, cars, or people. Leaving a dead or dying tree on your property could leave you open to unwanted consequences if it falls down. Encroaching trees are usually removed when its continuous growth affects structures around it like houses and power lines. Removals are also done to help open up some areas of your yard, giving other plants a chance to thrive.

Depending on a tree’s location, removal can be very simple. Many times, the tree is leaning over a building, creating a liability for the property owner. With our expert staff, Roanoke Tree Care can remove a tree efficiently, safely, and affordably. We will give you our expert advice on removing trees, using best practices to ensure the safety of your home, business, and surrounding properties.

Stump Removal/ Stump Grinding

Do you need to remove an unattractive tree stump from your yard? Roanoke Tree Care knows that a tree stump can make your beautifully planned landscape look less than ideal. They can ruin your curb appeal and will begin to rot in a few years. Tree stumps create a huge liability for your property if someone trips on one or a lawn mowing service accidentally drives over one. Stump roots can create havoc on a driveway or roadway. They are also obstacles to building fences and a potential home to termites. Depending on the reason for why the tree was cut down, the remaining stump could harbor disease or fungus that will leach into your nearby trees. We will effectively grind your tree stumps to pulp.

Tree Trimming

You don’t want branches falling on your Roanoke home or even worse – on yourself or your guests. Trees need to be trimmed and pruned to help prevent branches from falling on your home, from damaging your property or someone else’s property, to keep branches growing the right way, and to decrease the likelihood of infection. Get in touch with us right away to start regular tree trimming services so your property remains in pristine condition.

Wood Chipping

The best way to get rid of old branches and trees is to turn them into wood chips, when can then be repurposed as mulch or pressed into firewood. Whether you utilized our tree removal services or did some trimming on your own, allow us to turn those branches into wood chips. Don’t let a pile of dead wood create an unattractive mess in your yard.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a specialist that works with trees and tree care. Arborists are essentially tree doctors who are committed to help take care of your trees and shrubs. Roanoke Tree Care is committed to excellent results in everything we do and we work hard to ensure that every client has a wonderful experience with our team. As a quality cutting service, our professionals will always arrive on time, keep you informed of anything happening on your property, work fast, and leave your yard clean of any debris.

Hacked tree limbs and stumps and unattractive overgrowth are all the results of DIY tree maintenance gone bad. It may be tempting to take care of your trees on your own, but this work is better left to tree service professionals. When addressed wisely, trees are an asset to your home. They also add value to your property. By using our tree service you can be assured that your trees are in their best health. All you have to do is call Roanoke Tree Care and we will take care of everything!

We also have partners around the globe, including Edinburgh Tree Servicing in the UK.