Tree Trimming and Pruning

Lopers being used to cut tree branch and prune tree
Tree care professional pruning a tree by cutting branch with a hand saw

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning are essential ways to ensure a tree’s health. Pruning or trimming branches on a growing tree is the best way to cultivate stable, sustainable growth patterns and help it mature into a well-balanced plant. It’s also a necessary part of encouraging strong fruiting and flowering. It allows the tree to concentrate its strength on the healthiest branches and keeps it from overgrowing and sprouting weak and tangled branches. There’s also the fact that branches just sometimes get in the way. Whether they’re encroaching on other trees, banging up against a house, or shielding traffic lights from view, tree branches can end up in the wrong places. In such cases, trimming them away is the best option.

Trimming is an often-necessary part of restoring a damaged tree. It’s an unfortunately common occurrence for a tree to be damaged in a storm or strong wind and become a hazard. Trimming then becomes a matter of safety to remove large, precarious branches. There’s also an aesthetic element to crafting a tree that fits the landscape where it has been planted. A frequent problem with trees that aren’t trimmed or pruned is they turn into a tangled mess. If you want a straight, strong tree that’s better able to handle storms, it needs to be properly trimmed while it is growing.

Tree trimming can be a dangerous undertaking if not done properly. But proper equipment and expertise will make it an efficient and straightforward procedure. From boom trucks to climbing harnesses, tree services like Roanoke Tree Care have what it takes to solve your tree concerns. Calling in experts allows homeowners to have peace of mind that their backyard is safe, and their trees are healthy.



Tree service professional using pole saw to trim tree branch