Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Removal

There are often instances where a tree needs to be removed. Whether it has died, fallen over, or been irreparably damaged, a tree that needs to be removed usually poses a problem. Trees are usually quite large and can be located in hard-to-access areas. Or they can be in a place that poses a threat to nearby houses and buildings, if they are felled improperly. In order to safely remove dead or dangerous trees, proper equipment must be used. These include cranes, boom trucks, harnesses, and safety equipment. The tree itself must be dismantled in an appropriate way, and the debris from the procedure needs to be kept away from nearby houses and other property. When the need for tree removal arises, calling in the experts is the surest way to have it done safely and efficiently.

photo of man with green pants and light red long sleeve shirt leaning down with chainsaw and cutting through tree
Arborist up in tree in busy residential area safely cutting down tree with an orange chainsaw

Stump Removal

Stump removal also requires equipment and safety precautions. The removal of a stump requires specialized equipment and extra time to complete safely. The root systems of trees are extensive and can take months to complete and require a lot of exhaustive work if the proper equipment isn’t available. Calling in an expert can save a lot of time, effort, and potential hazards if you find yourself with a large, pesky stump on your hands. Tree services like Roanoke Tree Care have the expertise and equipment on hand to make the job fast and easy.


green stump grinder grinding small tree stump in residential yard